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Franco-german Youth congress - Participatory art

In 2023, the association "Les Têtes de l'art" invited me to take part in the Franco-German Youth Congress. The role of our artistic team, made up of 5 artists, was to accompany the group of young organizers on the artistic dimension. For this edition, the intention was not to be part of the official program, but rather to create performances and installations that would both disrupt and enrich the event in a poetic way. Three preparatory stages between January and July 2023 paved the way for the final event in September 2023 at the Stollwerk in Cologne. Stage 1: Cologne - January 2023. Meeting with the young people and the artistic group, location scouting. Stage 2: Marseille - June 2023. Between artists, definition of the narrative framework of our interventions and design of participative workshops to gather the creative content for the final event. Stage 3: Berlin - July 2023. With young people, creation of the "hack'art" artivist group mascot and creative writing workshops. Stage 4: Cologne - September 2023. Final event with several hundred young people, installation of poems in public spaces, poetic demonstration and dissemination of watercolor painted signs, gospel singing and a ten-meter banner with a selection of dreams written by the young people.

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+ special collab' with Alice (my girlfriend) !

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