Linoprint & tarot experience

Natur-O-mancie is a collective tarot experience created in collaboration with Paul Brunstein-Compard, and performed with music artist Wild anima. The tarot deck is made of ten large format cards representing our ecosystem from the micro (the molecule) to the macro (the solar system). The experience invites participants to share their stories, dance and reflect on a specific question that they formulated altogether.

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From 2018 to 2020
Paper cut

VISIONS is an ode to our nightlife psychic journeys. While dancing on the beats and sounds of electronic music - eyes closed - our minds take us on a visual trip. Kaleidoscopic colours appear forming ephemeral symbols and choreographies. The poster scene for clubs and concerts is extremely active in Berlin, Germany. VISIONS is a series of paper cuts made out of those posters taken from the streets. The combination of symbols with the patterns of the posters offer a variety of visions for our imagination to dive into.

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Ink on paper

In this series "Les Cabanes de l'Imaginaire", I combine the visual elements that mark me on a daily basis to project them onto these ritual masks. Trying not to forget its roots - both successes and failures - this society of the future therefore appropriates our current cultural elements (architecture, objects, symbols) to constitute its own. In doing so, it incorporates into its masks an ecosystem logic specific to Nature, capable of proposing interactions between the economic system, the anthroposphere and the biosphere.

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From 2016 to 2018
Pen on paper & paste-up

In this series of illustrations, I re-create the famous herbarium out of imagined flowers. The mandala shapes convey a feeling of peacefulness while helping in building graphically pleasant aesthetics. This series of illustrations was then brought to the streets in the form of paste-ups. A playful reference to the hippies times which I carry in my heart.

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Early works

From 2012 to 2016
Various techniques

In 2012, I started to get into drawing and painting with more dedication. This year I also went onto a long trip of 6 months, visiting countries in Asia and America. This was a beautiful experience, that I had the chance to share with a couple of friends, and it worked as a confirmation of my desire to create more art. During this trip I had an illustrated diary and also made my first mural in Mexicali, Mexico !! So much fun ... and adrenaline :)

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