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How to deliver fresh and healthy food to executives in Berlin ?
Prototype salad barsalad bar prototype

Salad.bar offers fresh and seasonal food to executives and freelancers in Berlin, Mitte. The website is mobile-first and offers a fast, clean and personalised experience to order your meal.

Spring 2020 - 4 weeks
My work
User research
Organic food
Salad bar mood board
User research and outline of scope
#1 User needs

Users want a simple, fast and reliable delivery system to get fresh and healthy food on their lunch break :
> Order online
> Customise the salads online
> Have a profile to set preferences and allergies
> Contact someone with questions or issues with an order
> Get information on seasonal products and special menus
> Both english and german language

#2 Client needs

The client want to inspire reliability and eco-consciousness :
> Provide a system for order customisation
> Appear professional and sophisticated
> Communicate ecological consciousness
> Communicate health benefits
salad bar prototype 1
Feedback from users

The experience was :
> too serious
> not enjoyable enough
> very clean and fast

Our focus for the second prototype will be on a clean and fast ordering journey on mobile phone to satisfy users with tight schedules, while adding a layer of playfulness to the experience.

Salad bar prototype 2
Key learnings

#1 Keeping a clean and functional design
without it being boring is harder than expected.

#2 High-end visual content
brings great value to the experience and talks for itself.

#3 It is worth investing in high-standard
photographs and videos and planning a proper budget for it.

Salad bar visual identity< Web design for Bimbim collectiveUX/UI for Indigo venture lab >
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