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Can we engage a global network of mindful doers on a mobile app ?
Prototype indigo venture labIndigo prototype

Indigo aims at empowering individuals willing to create a positive change by giving them access to a global network, online resources for inspiration and a mentoring program to launch their own ventures. The application serves as a catalyst for this global ecosystem.

Summer 2020 - 5 weeks
My role
User research
UX Strategy
Information architecture
User research
Framing our problem

Indigo had recently started its international expansionwith the creation of hotspots in South America and Europe. With this new development, the network faced new challenges :
• What are the expectations of Indigo members in that new context ?
• What is the value proposition of Indigo ?
• Can we use the mobile application to enhance the overall experience ?

Interviews & observation

First, we defined a simple question :
What are the needs and expectations of the members ?

Based on this, I defined the overall methodology and created a template with questions for the interviews and guidance for the observation sessions.

Number of users : 2
Duration: 45 min / user
- 1 active user
- 1 new user who has never used the platform
Interview (30 min)
Observation on the app (15min)
Indigo value proposition

We found that the value proposition of Indigo network
was articulated around 3 main topics :

#1 Connection
Members are willing to connect both on the local and global level. The app must serve as a tool for communicating directly.

#2 Inspiration
The platform mainly serves as a media to deliver inspiring content to the community. It is appreciated by the members but not enough to drive a consistent traffic on the app.

#3 Action
In general - both online and in the real world meetings the members are looking for opportunities to take action. The incubator, recently launched by Indigo, can serve as a powerful catalyst for this.
matrix of features
Advices for the app
Boosting the engagement on the app

Taking into account the research and the technological constraints, the recommandations focused of 3 simple changes on the app :

#1 Creation of the chat box
for enhanced connection

#2 Creation of the incubator page
to allow members to take action

#2 Simplification of the menu
with simplified language and reduction of the number of menu buttons from 8 to 7.
Key learnings
#1 Less is more
Keeping the functionalities to the essentials is appreciated by
the community.

#2 Listening to your members
brings new understanding of their desires and human depth to
the global community.

#3 Keeping the conversation open
with semi-structured interviews offered opportunities to discover key insights.

More info at https://www.labindigo.com/
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