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Can we amplify the local impact of a global civic tech ?
Case study Change.org

Change.org is a civic tech that offers an open platform for citizens to defend their causes through online petitions. Change Marseille was created in 2017, as a participatory civic movement designed to empower citizens by sharing the tools and knowledge to impulse change in their city. The movement is backed by Change.org and La Ruche.

Spring 2018
My role
Design thinking
Workshop facilitation
Civic engagement
Design thinking
Framing the problem

After one year of activity, the civic movement needed to
refresh its goals and realign with the stakeholders.
We structured our work with the Design thinking methodology
: Discover > Define > Ideate > Prototype > Test.

Workshop facilitation

We gathered the members to work on 3 specific workshops:

#1 Empathy map
> What do your hear, what do you see, what do you do, what do
you think ?

#2 Experience mapping
> What happens before, during and after the sessions ?

#3 Ideation
> What do you want for Change marseille in terms of experience
and structure ?
Community strategy
Defining the community strategy

The movement defined its Vision, missions and goals for the 5 next years.

Along with this, we worked on the 3 main aspects defined by the community canvas :

> Identity : what the movement is trying to achieve and the values behind it.
> Experience : how do the people in the civic movement are gathering and living a shared reality.
> Structure : what are the resources, tools and structures that the community uses to operate.

Using existing research

We curated research and used the materials from institutions of reference to strengthen our strategy (e.g Stanford Social Innovation Review and community canvas).
Defining the vision, missions and values


Citizens should have the power to act by themselves to change the city of Marseille


> Mobilise and unite the citizens of Marseille around the challenges they wish to face
> Sharing knowledge and tools to empower citizens
> A democratic citizen movement where everyone can get involved and decide


Quality of life, Environment, Participatory democracy, Local solidarity and Citizen participation.

Real world network and trainings for enhanced local impact.

We defined that the strategy of the movement was going to be articulated around thematic cycles with 3 types of workshops:

Cycle of 4 months on a civic theme
- Event #1 Petition support & training
- Event #2 Civic consultation & ideation
- Event #3 Collective actions
- Event #4 General assembly to wrap-up the cycle
The interplay of online tools and real world mobilisations and training gave a good combination of ressources and experiences for citizens to take action on local level.
Key learnings
#1 Aligning the stakeholders
is a key factor of success for projects.

#2 Adapting the workshops

to the profile of the participants is necessary.

#3 Setting tangible goals

is important to evaluate the success of the project.

For more information about this project: www.change.org/m/changer-marseille
Positive impact
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