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Mis à jour : 1 avril 2019

BIMBIM creates artistic events at the cross-border of immersive theater and contemporary art. The name BIMBIM stands for the mirror effect : the art experience as a reflection of your inner life. Art-experience is a new artistic form that materializes our inner life through participatory artistic installations and performances. The participants enter a parallel universe and commit to observe, exchange and play around works of art that question them.

Link to the Art-experience manifesto : https://www.amaurybouquet.com/blog-1/manifesto-of-art-experience

Opening show in September 2019 in Berlin at Circus Schatzinsel

Brainstorming at FUSION N°1 - Toulon, FRANCE

BIMBIM works as a production house that conceives, creates and products artistic events and installations. To realize that goal, we gather a transdisciplinary collective that research and work together to provide thorough insights and creative ideas. Our in-house events FUSION are carefully crafted to offer a moment of introspection, listening and intelligence to the collective.

FUSION N°1 took place in Toulon, FRANCE, on the 23rd and 24th of February 2019 with the aim to dive into our first topic : EGO RELAXATION.

BIMBIM Collective - at rest - during FUSION N°1

Here is the list of the 12 members :

We are now preparing FUSION N°2 to prepare our first public Art-experience event which will take place in Berlin, GERMANY, at Circus Schatzinsel in September 2019. Circus Schatzinsel is a circus school in downtown Berlin on the side of the Spree. We have been nicely invited by the Circus for our opening show.

In Berlin, a series of intimiste events called GRAIN take place every month to gather a community of people from all backgrounds with interest in the notion of art as a channel for introspection and sensitive experience.

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Here is the program of our FUSION N°1.

FUSION N°1 - Day 1

FUSION N°1 - Day 2