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Kreuzberg has a long history of political engagement and punk culture that dates back from the period of the Wall of Berlin. The growing alternative culture has made it an international hotspot for street art. Nowadays you can enjoy some pieces from world class artists like Shepard Fairey (aka OBEY), BLU, Os Gemeos, ROA and many more ...

What about having a tour ?

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The Astronaut by Victor Ash - An iconic piece of Berlin Street Art

As a street art passionate for more than 15 years I am always happy to share a nice glimpse of the local street art scene with the visitors. I have also been working in a street art gallery here in Berlin : Urban Spree Galerie.

Every week I offer a tour through this exciting district.

Link for reservation :

The Berlin Kidz - A graffiti crew from Berlin

Our menu for the tour :

- Comments on the history of alternative culture in Berlin: graffiti, punk, anarchism, squats.

- History of street art in the world and in Berlin.

- Difference between Graffiti and Street art.

- Local projects focusing on street art

- Review of street art techniques

- Berlin scene vs. world scene

- Street games

Personally, I have been active as a street artist for many years now, starting with my first street artwork in Mexico back in 2012.

Here is a pic of it, back in the days !

My first Street Art piece !! :D ( Mexico - 2012 )

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