MONTH OF THE TAROT - October 2018

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Reading the Humanist Tarot to Max the Apprentice


« MADAME MOMO » is a participative art performance of Humanist Tarot reading. The performance took place in Paris-La Défense on the 18th of October 2018. Paris - La Défense is the biggest business district in Europe. 

This performance mainly aimed at : 

  • Creating a place for deep discussion in the urban environment,

  • Offering a chance to explore an important personal issue,

  • Surprising by setting the performance in a business hub.

Illustration based on the tarot reading

Here are the 3 steps of the performance :

  1. The public take part in a Humanist tarot reading. Duration : 15min 

  2. I create an illustration inspired by the tarot reading 

  3. I finally create a complete artwork out of the tarot readings of the day

One interesting fact during this performance : I had the chance to meet three very different profiles. A skilled worker : Lou, 40-years old. An apprentice : Max, 22-years old. An inhabitant : Julien, 35-years old. Even in a very specialized environment like Paris-La Défense, people come with so many differences. 

Lou told me : 

"I am really in a tough period in my life. I feel I become very paranoid now... and I certainly need to see a psychologist. But you know, my cultural background doesn’t accept this idea. "

This is why I create in the public space : to break the usual patterns, open new possibilities for the people.

This urban artwork is part of a laboratory "TEMPORARY MAGICAL SPACES" that I run from Sept. 2018 to May 2019. During this time I make one ephemeral per month to test the concept of Art-experience in the streets of Europe. Those artworks help the participants connect with themselves and discover spiritual practices. 

To know more about Art-experience, please refer to my Manifesto of Art-experience :


Tarot cards are a type of playing cards that appeared in Italy in the 15th century.

The so-called Tarot de Marseille refers to a set of "Latin" sign cards that have the distinction of having a fifth set of twenty-two cards decorated with specific allegorical images. Historically, the earliest known trace of tarot card approach as an instrument of interpretation appears in Bologna in the first half of the eighteenth century.

In the occultist milieu, many theories attribute to the divinatory use of tarot cards, as to the cards themselves, very different mythical origins: Ancient Egypt, Bohemians, etc.

The Humanistic Tarot (Psychological) differs from the divination Tarot (oracle) in that it uses the symbolism of the drawn cards as a tool of psychological projection to nourish the exchange.

The practice of taromancy is carried out according to various variable protocols according to the practitioners and the consultants. In general this protocol contains three phases:

  1. Blend of cards, usually followed by a cut

  2. Selection and arrangement on the table of a number of cards

  3. Interpretation

 The contemporary artist Alejandro Jodorowski created a very detailed book - La Voie Du Tart - to learn how to use the tarot as a psychological tool. 


Thanks to this performance, I had the chance to realize to great need of personal discussion for the people. I would like to use this kind of practice as a tool for community project and support for activists. 

How ? By discussing difficulties they face and creating big murals out of those readings. 

Any contact to give ? Please leave a comment or send a mail.



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