MONTH OF CHANCE - September 2018

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Sept. 2018


"GET LUCKY !" is a participative art installation inspired by the brazilian bracelets of luck, which are called the "fitas". This installation has been installed on the canal banks in Berlin, GERMANY, during from the 14th to the 21st of September 2018. It is an autonomous art installation : the people in the street only have to open the chest and then read the indications on the letter.

This installation mainly aimed at :

- recalling the participants what's important to them ;

- empowering by giving conscience of their creative power ;

- taking a little time out of the urban intense life.

Here are the 3 steps to participate into this installation :

1) Make 3 wishes ;

One for you, one for someone else and one for the planet.

2) Think about how to make them come true ;

3) Take 3 bracelets and put them on.

One interesting comment during this installation came from a spanish girl. She said :

" At first I was hesitating, I had to overcome this little fear of opening the chest to be able to take part in this proposition."

This is part of my art : I want the people to get involved into it. They have to make some effort to be part of it, just as I make an effort to reach them.

This urban artwork is part of a laboratory "TEMPORARY MAGICAL SPACES" that I run in 2018-2019. During this time I make ephemeral installations and performances to test the concept of Art-experience in the streets of Europe. Those artworks help the participants connect with themselves and discover spiritual practices.

To know more about Art-experience, please refer to my Manifesto of Art-experience :


The “ Fita Do Senhor Do Bonfim de Bahia “ is a true institution in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. Those bracelets were first given in the church “Nosso Senhor Do Bonfim”. This church is very famous for its healing miracles. In the 60’s the Hippies arrived and the tradition changed : The ritual is to tie the fita of three knots, and make a wish for each one of them. When the bracelet breaks naturally, the wishes will come true. To each color is associated a meaning, as well as one of the deities of the candomble (the orixas), the Afro-Brazilian religion founded by the slaves:

Blue - Love - Iémanja, goddess of the sea

Rose - Friendship - Oba, the god of the winds

Yellow - Success - Oxum, goddess of beauty

Orange - Happiness - Inhasa, goddess of wind and fire

Violet - Spirituality, the soul - Nana Buruku, Oxala's wife


Thanks to this installation I had the chance to meet Cecilia ERISMANN, a brazilian poet and performer who created the international network DREAM ACTING !

Dream Acting is an antidisciplinary network and collective that promotes actions and dreams around the world. It encourages the dialogue between different people throughout performances, actions, collaborations, events and happenings in one or more places around the world.

It has the goal to empower a network that is being built constantly by ACTORS AND DREAMERS around the world, activists and pacifists, artists and thinkers, norths and souths, ups and downs… It is about the people that are in the search for impactful-positive changes in the world and its possible connections through the letters that they exchange between them at the annual Free Wishes Street Action or at the many Free Wishes Living Rooms performative installations.

We are now in discussion with a gallery in Berlin, Germany to create a specific exhibition around this collaboration.

Here is Cecilia ERISMANN instagram :

And Dream Acting Facebook Page :



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