Art-experience: an artistic immersion to explore one's interiority.

When I was a child, at the age of 10, my father-in-law committed suicide at home .... This event - of unprecedented violence - leaves me until now in a deep misunderstanding. Life is so difficult sometimes; and not talking about what we are going through makes the situation more painful.

Art-experience is a new artistic form that materializes our inner life through participatory artistic installations and performances. The participants enter a magical universe and commit to observe, exchange and play around works of art that question them.

The art-experience is a chance to perceive the magic in our daily life.

To achieve this, the art-experience brings together various artistic practices such as scenography, theater, dance, music and landscaping. It also invites spiritual and social practices such as meditation, humanistic tarot, popular education and psychology.

But beware, the art installation is not the therapist. We - as individuals - are here to learn together; and the artistic installation simply serves as a common tool for this inner exploration.

If there is a goal about the art-experience, it is that of putting people in motion in their life.

My life becomes more exciting and my possibilities open up as I plunge into myself. This is the goal of the art-experience: to put in the movement of life - happy, deep and full of love !


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